49 Denver Broncos Arrests Since 2000, Tied for Most in the NFL

Before he was the Super Bowl 50 MVP, the Broncos' Von Miller was a two-time arrestee.
Before he was the Super Bowl 50 MVP, the Broncos' Von Miller was a two-time arrestee. File photo
At this writing, the weekend bust of Denver Broncos receiver Carlos Henderson on marijuana charges has not yet been entered into the NFL Player Arrest Database, a resource that aims to catalogue all baller bookings since 2000. When the information about Henderson is added, the Broncos arrest number will hit 49, tied for the most of any team in the entire National Football League over that span.

In 2012, as we noted in the Henderson post, Westword posted about 34 busts of Denver players since the launch of the database, which was created by the San Diego Union-Tribune. That number grew to 38 following the May 2014 arrest of safety T.J. Ward at PT's Showclub, a strip joint — the third highest in the league as of then, behind only the Minnesota Vikings and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The NFL Player Arrest Database is presently maintained by USA Today, which published details about four past Broncos arrests that hadn't previously appeared on the roster. Add that number to seven additional cuffings (including Henderson's) during the intervening years, and the total comes to 49, the same amount registered by the Vikings. The Bengals currently sit at 44 arrests.

The results racked up by the Broncos, Vikings and Bengals aren't typical. Most other NFL teams have 21st-century arrest sums in the teens or twenties.

As you'll see, the Broncos' poor law-and-order performance was aided immeasurably by a handful of players who were arrested multiple times, led by former Denver receiver Brandon Marshall with four, ex-safety Sam Brandon with three and a slew of others at two — most notably Super Bowl 50 MVP linebacker Von Miller, who was busted during consecutive months in 2013.

Here's the complete list in reverse order, from Henderson's brush with the law to the very first Bronco to be booked this century.

Carlos Henderson's booking photo. - OUACHITA CORRECTIONAL CENTER
Carlos Henderson's booking photo.
Ouachita Correctional Center
49. Carlos Henderson Wide Receiver 01/14/18
Arrested in Louisiana on a marijuana charge during a traffic stop. He was the passenger in the vehicle.

48. Will Parks Safety 03/31/17
Arrested domestic violence. Accused of harassment and non-physical domestic violence in incident involving his former girlfriend.

47. Cody Latimer Wide Receiver 5/30/16
Arrested traffic warrant. Latimer called police and alleged his girlfriend hit him. Police found outstanding traffic warrant from 2015 and arrested him for that. Additional note: Paid $311 to settle ticket.

46. Shiloh Keo Safety 02/13/16
Arrested DUI. Accused of drunken driving in Ada County, Idaho. Additional note: Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor, one year probation, community service, fined nearly $1,000.

45. John Boyett Safety 10/22/14
Arrested assault. Accused of being drunk, head-butting and hitting a cab driver and trying to hide from police by stealing a shovel and covering himself in mulch. Additional note: Resolution undetermined. Team cut him the next day.

44. T.J. Ward Safety 5/22/14
Arrest pending misdemeanor assault at PT's Showclub. Additional note: Diversion program, four hours community service.

43. Von Miller Linebacker 09/05/13
Cited license. Pulled over for speeding in Arapahoe County, Colo., accused of driving with a suspended license. Second traffic issue in six weeks. Additional note: Pleaded guilty to traffic offenses, required to take driving class and do 24 hours of community service.

42. Julius Thomas Tight End 08/28/13
Arrested failure to appear. Pulled over for speeding, charged with failing to appear in court for previous traffic ticket from Jan. 25, 2013. Additional note: Pleaded guilty to having a defective vehicle, adding two points to license.

41. Von Miller Linebacker 8/11/2013
Arrested in a Denver suburb on a warrant because he failed to appear in court on misdemeanor traffic charges. Additional note: Pleaded guilty to traffic offenses, required to take driving class and do 24 hours of community service.

40. Quentin Saulsbury Offensive lineman 5/19/2013
Arrested for DUI and a lane violation in Arapahoe County, Colo.

39. Quinton Carter Safety 3/9/2013
Arrested in Nevada on felony charges alleging that he cheated at a craps game at the Texas Station casino. Additional note: Case dismissed.

38. Elvis Dumervil Linebacker 7/14/12
Arrested for suspicion of aggravated assault after a road rage incident in Miami.

37. Knowshon Moreno Running back 2/1/12
Arrested on suspicion of DUI, pulled over for driving 70 mph in 45-mph zone.

36. Ryan McBean Defensive tackle 10/14/11
Arrested on allegation of stalking in Denver.

click to enlarge Matt Prater, currently kicking for the Detroit Lions, was arrested twice during his time in Denver. - FILE PHOTO
Matt Prater, currently kicking for the Detroit Lions, was arrested twice during his time in Denver.
File photo
35. Matt Prater Kicker 8/2/11
Arrested on suspicion of DUI and leaving the scene of an accident after his Chevy Trailblazer backed into an unoccupied car.

34. Laurence Maroney Running back 1/17/11
Arrested after police found guns and drugs in car with four other men in St. Louis.

33. Kevin Alexander Linebacker 12/20/10
Arrested on suspicion of assault and battery in domestic incident with girlfriend. Additional note: Team announced he was cut from the team the same day.

32. Perrish Cox Cornerback 12/9/10
Arrested, charged with sexual assault stemming from incident on Oct. 28. Additional note: Acquitted.

31. D.J. Williams Linebacker 11/12/10
Arrested on suspicion of DUI after being pulled over at about 2:40 a.m.

30. Elvis Dumervil Linebacker 10/24/10
Cited for assault in alleged incident with parking attendant after game at Invesco Field.

29. Ronald Fields Defensive tackle 5/8/10
Arrested in Houston on misdemeanor gun charge after allegedly taking gun into nightclub.

28. Richard Quinn Tight end 9/7/09
Arrested on domestic violence and harassment charges after woman said he grabbed and shook her during an argument and grabbed the phone from her while she tried to call 911.

27. Brandon Marshall Wide receiver 3/1/09
Arrested in Atlanta on disorderly conduct charge after fight with fiance, spent five hours in jail. Additional note: Charge dismissed.

26. Brandon Marshall Wide receiver 3/6/08
Arrested in Atlanta after his longtime girlfriend claimed in an affidavit that Marshall hit her in the mouth and left eye March 4. Additional note: NFL suspended him one game after this, his third arrest in a year. Acquitted.
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