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Scene Stealers: Five Places to See Denver's Skyline

Looking for a spot with a great view? Try these.
A view of Denver's dense skyline from Avanti Food & Beverage.
A view of Denver's dense skyline from Avanti Food & Beverage. Jack Spiegel
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Just like Zendaya in the early 2010s, Denver's skyline knows how to shake it up.

Look at it from the west, and Denver’s skyline promises the urban buzz of an active city. From the east, the Rocky Mountains provide a stunning backdrop for the buildings of downtown. Even from the north and south, the Mile High City’s skyline shines.

True, cranes sometimes mar the perfect shot, and leafy trees often obscure the complete picture. The hilly geography of Denver can also impede visibility just blocks from a spot with a clear sightline. Still, if you keep looking, you'll find a great  view.

Although Denver’s skyline largely shot up in the 1980s, new buildings are again in the works or just completed, like One River North, which is attracting eyeballs with its canyon cutout. Meanwhile, some of those older structures constructed with different materials and shapes — including octagons at 1801 California Street, and the Wells Fargo Building with its iconic “cash register” top — are now iconic landmarks.

Here are five places with great views of the Denver skyline, listed in alphabetical order:

Avanti Food & Beverage
3200 Pecos Street
This food hall at the edge of Highland has multiple patios from which you can check out Denver’s skyline and appreciate downtown's growing density. Coors Field sits in the foreground, and beyond it to the right are seemingly endless layers of tall buildings that make Denver look like a true big city. You can see everything from the new buildings behind Union Station to the old faithfuls at the top of the Central Business District. Things look even better when you're enjoying Avanti's food and beverage options, including Westword’s 2024 pick for Best Chicken Tenders and Fries Combo, Knockabout Burgers.
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Behind the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the view stretches for miles.
Jack Spiegel

Denver Museum of Nature & Science
2001 Colorado Boulevard
Sometimes when you're living in Denver, you can forget that the great outdoors is so close — but not when you're looking at the skyline from the western steps of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. From here, you look over City Park’s Ferril Lake to the silhouette of downtown and the mountains beyond. If you play a round of golf on the adjacent City Park Golf Course, you'll be treated to spectacular views while swinging — or you can just stop for a drink at the clubhouse, which is another top destination for skyline sightseeing.

Fainting Goat Pub
846 Broadway
The view of the skyline from Broadway and Speer Boulevard is a stunner, but you could also be stunned by a fender bender if you stop to enjoy the sights. Fortunately, just a few blocks north is the Fainting Goat, a local watering hole with a rooftop that's a good place to grab a drink and a look at the downtown skyline. Although cranes now obscure some of the view, you get a real feel for where Denver's been...and where it's going.

Interstate 70, Interstate 225 and Sixth Avenue
Passenger princesses, this one’s for you!  Some of the best spots to see Denver’s skyline unfold are on the city’s busiest streets, including the magical view at the top of the Sixth Avenue entrance to Interstate 25 — but you don't want to stop. Possibly the only perk of the long drive back from Denver International Airport is seeing how the skyline stretches from right next to Interstate 70 to the south and west; newcomers and longtime residents alike can appreciate how the city reveals itself from this busy road. And from its start in southeast Denver, Interstate 225 offers a view of the city you won't find anywhere else. Next time traffic slows your journey, breathe in and out and simply appreciate the view.
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From Sloan's Lake, Denver's skyline peeks over the trees.
Jack Spiegel

Sloan’s Lake Park
1700 Sheridan Boulevard
One of Denver’s most beloved parks offers a fine view of the downtown skyline, including all those cranes changing that silhouette. From the west side of the park, you can take in the lake, rows of trees and a downtown that seems to grow right out of the leaves. Pro tip: Grab a seat at the bar of the Lakeview Lounge, particularly on the last day of Daylight Savings Time, when you can catch the sunrise over the skyline while sipping a Tequila Sunrise.

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