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Reader: No One Complaining About This Building Can Afford to Live in It

One River North was designed to include a canyon running through the luxury apartment complex.
One River North, a luxury apartment building in RiNo, is now open.
One River North, a luxury apartment building in RiNo, is now open. Catie Cheshire
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Construction of an unusual luxury apartment building at the north end of RiNo began in 2021 and when the controversial structure finally opened last month, Catie Cheshire toured One River North.

The average unit cost is $5,000 per month, a hefty figure that's less eyebrow-raising than it used to be in this market. The real hallmark is the unusual facade, with sixteen stories of glass paneling interrupted by a greenery-filled, dirt-colored cutout meant to mimic a canyon running through the building.

One River North can be seen not just from Brighton Boulevard and other busy parts of RiNo, but from Interstate 70 — so plenty of people have opinions on its unusual architecture. They shared their thoughts in comments on the Westword Facebook post. Says Ray:
So incredibly ugly and stupid-looking. Certainly belongs in Denver.
Observes Danny:
Trying too hard. It's a building. Not all buildings need to be someone's concept of "art," and If you need to explain why it looks so ugly (like it being a canyon or whatever), it already missed its mark.
Adds Joshua:
I legit thought it was just broken in a windstorm, never repaired, and left for vacant.
Responds Hans:
Very cool and execution/construction is certainly interesting and impressive. But the maintenance on this integrated water feature will not fare well in Colorado. Stay tuned for the lawsuits to come!
Offers Mellissa:
Nothing says "art district" like "luxury apartment building."
Adds Luther:
Luxury apartments right next to the train tracks! Now with automatic building vibrations!  (I used to live in an apartment next to train tracks, but they were not luxury.)
Replies Glenn:
Plus, you can run out and hop a coal train to Wyoming.
Offers Sheri:
No one born and raised in Colorado is impressed with this.
Concludes Patrick:
Nobody complaining about this building can afford to live in this building.
What do you think of One River North? What other buildings would you like Catie Cheshire to profile? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected].
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