Carmelo gets name-checked by Lil' Wayne.

A Carmelo Anthony sighting in fan-made T.I. video

One of the many great things about YouTube is the ease with which fans can create their own music videos. A prime example is the clip below for "Swagga Like Us," from the massive new T.I. album Paper Trail, which comes complete with a de facto Carmelo Anthony cameo. The folks operating under the MusicVideoTV banner use images drawn as literally as possible from rhymes spat by T.I. and guest stars such as Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil' Wayne -- and when the latter references the Denver Nuggets' team colors in the couplet, "And my jewels blue and yellow/Type of shit that make 'em call you Carmelo," we see a thunderous Melo dunk. Hope we witness a lot more of those this season.

Click "More" to see the video. -- Michael Roberts


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