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A Q&A with Dark Horizon, Denver's very own supervillain

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This ominous video appeared in YouTube in late December. It was a response to one posted a few months earlier by New Jersey-based superhero Phantom Zero (yes, there are flesh-and-blood crime fighters out there; for proof, check out "The Astounding Adventures of the Wall Creeper, Colorado's Own Superhero," this week's Westword cover story) requesting that masked adventurers, mystery men and uniformed do-gooders alike post movies of themselves online. But this particular video isn't of a do-gooder. It's a real-life supervillain.

"Some may say we are living in a time of hope. A time where the heroic actions of a few are making a stand against the forces of evil," growls the masked man in the video. "Well, I say that everything that now stands will eventually fall. And I say that evil is stronger now more than ever and that the time has come to show its face and demonstrate its power. I am Dark Horizon, leader of the Black Circle, and my time has come."

Turns out that evil will be showing its face right here in Denver. Yes, Dark Horizon is a proud resident of the Mile High City, and we recently called him up for a chat. Here's what he had to say:

Westword: How's it going, Mr. Horizon. How do you want me to refer to you?

Dark Horizon: Dark Horizon. Just as it is.

WW: Sure thing. So tell me about yourself. Any childhood trauma, tragically killed beloveds or freak nuclear accidents in your past?

DH: I don't need to tell you about myself. I will let my evil dealings speak for themselves. And what I have to say I will broadcast on YouTube.

WW: Can you at least tell me about the name?

DH: I want to cover this world with grit and dirt and scum. People need to open their eyes and realize it's not a bright sunshiny day out there.

WW: But as you know, it is kind of bright sunshiny day here in Denver.

DH: Not the way I am looking at it.

WW: Uh-huh. So tell me about your costume.

DH: It's dark. It hides my identity. I can lurk through the shadows and people do not see me.

WW: Any weapons?

DH: Weapons and gadgets are for children's' stories. I prefer to use my wits.

WW: Your evil wits?

DH: My evil wits.

WW: Very good. So what is the Black Circle?

DH: That's kind of a dumb question. Let me give you a smart response. It's a circle of cohorts and we are looking to bring blackness to the world around us.

WW: Who are your cohorts?

DH: I can't reveal that at this time but it will be soon known. It's true what they say. There can't be a superhero without a supervillain. And I am the person to play that roll.

WW: So you "complete" the superheroes, sort of like how Tom Cruise completes that chick in Jerry Maguire?

DH: First of all, I would not make comparisons to a cheap romantic comedy. Second of all, I don't need them but they need me. Evil doesn't need good to survive and thrive.

WW: Fair enough. What makes you evil -- what have you done? Tell me about your evil deeds

DH: I can't say anything about that right now, but you will soon see.

WW: Oh, come on. Don't you at least have a five-year evil-deed plan?

DH: You can question my evilness all you want. I don't have to answer your stupid questions. My actions speak for themselves.

WW: Fine. Have it your way. Why make the video?

DH: Because I want the word to get out there. Just like the superheroes are spreading a call to action, so am I. Let's just say we want to redefine the face of evil. And technology is going to help us get there.

WW: The whole web 2.0 thing.

DH: Yes.

WW: Interesting. So why go after the superheroes?

DH: I think they are all fools and I wanted to let them know they are on my radar. Each of them proclaim they have great abilities and noble interests. But they are all just weak, stupid and full if delusion. Especially Tothian. He's fighting neighborhood kids in choreographed routines that look like something out of a bad kung-fu movie. And Amazonia -- the only way I would be afraid of her is if she were in front of me at a Country Buffet. Reality is going to hit them all like a slap in the face. For some, it will also be a kick in the balls.

WW: Moving on, what is your plan for world domination?

DH: You're really full of stupid questions today. I don't want world domination. I am doing this to feed my inner evilness. It something that I want and something I enjoy.

WW: Don't you at least want, say, neighborhood domination?

DH: Who are you to tell me what to do! You just tap away on your keyboard. I have plans, but I am not ready to share them.

WW: Whatever you say. Tell me about your super-secret evil hideout.

DH: I don't have a super-secret hideout. I have a house. And there's nothing secret about it. It just sits in broad daylight. That the beauty of it. I walk among the people who mock me. I live among then and slowly plot my revenge.

WW: Tell me more. Why Denver, for example: Good quality of life? Or does the city breed evil?

DH: The reason I like Denver is its central location. It allows me to go where I need to. And I have found Denver to be a strong area to meet up with other villains, people like the Dark Masturbator.

WW: Sure thing. Now let's get hypothetical. If you were to create the ultimate Evil League of Evil, who would you invite?

DH: I recently watched Watchmen and thought the Comedian was a great villain. He did what he felt and he laughed the whole way through it. The other person I would put on there would be the sensei from Karate Kid who ran the dojo.

WW: Yeah, he was an asshole.

DH: Couple more, maybe? Probably Dick Cheney. He's a person who can get things done. I think that's it.

WW: Now it's time for the Inside the Actor's Studio questions, supervillain edition.

DH: Are you fucking serious?

WW: Yes. What is your favorite evil word?

DH: Dark.

WW: What is your least favorite evil word?

DH: Henchmen.

WW: What evil thing turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

DH: I like watching senior citizen and kids suffer.

WW: What evil thing turns you off?

DH: I am not about death and destruction. I am about humiliation and retribution.

WW: What is your favorite curse word?

DH: Fuck.

WW: What evil sound or noise do you love?

DH: The wind blowing through a creaky old doorway.

WW: What evil sound or noise do you hate?

DH: A fart when the windows are rolled up in the car.

WW: What evil profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

DH: Investment banker.

WW: What evil profession would you not like to do?

DH: Greeter at a Wal-Mart.

WW: If Hell exists, what would you like to hear Satan say when you arrive at the fiery gates?

DH: Put on your sun block. It's bright down here.

WW: That about wraps things up. Before we let you go, can you give us your best evil laugh?

DH: Ha ha ha ha.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.