No, this isn't Cat -- but it's a delightfully kitchy coffee table.

A (Window) Shopping Spree

Cat and Cheese Bikini spent the weekend window shopping, scouting for interesting home and fashion items for Westword’s annual Summer Guide. Cat was on Tennyson and Tejon, Larimer Square, South Pearl and South Gaylord and South Broadway, and even 13th Avenue.

The only place left is Cherry Creek North, and that requires fortification to battle crowds, attitudes and SUVs with more square footage than some single-family homes. But Cat will sally forth this week, out in search of the perfect dresses, shoes, handbags, cocktail shakers and whatever other oddities that make for a perfect summer.

Cheese Bikini and her new hat.

To start the weekend, Cheese Bikini took Cat to her favorite super-secret-hush-hush thrift store where she gets her most groovy coats and other accessories. The morning did not disappoint, as Cat came away with a full-length faux fur coat for $21, and CB took home a bag full of buttons for $4, the most delicious cowboy hat ever for another $4, and a white linen duvet for $8.

Plus, while we were there, we hit the shoe aisles for amusement. Gold seemed to be a theme, with gold sandals, gold sneakers, gold everywhere.

Frye wedges at Strut.

That put us in the mood to head over to Strut shoes (3877 Tennyson Street), where owner Elyse Burja was having an anniversary sale with 15 percent off! (Sorry, one-day only.) Cat found two pair of shoes that she’s still really coveting: a pair of Frye (yes, Frye!) wedges, and a pair of purple mary janes. Sigh.

Cat in a summer hat from Kismet.

We also stopped in at Kismet on West 32nd Avenue, where we found some delightful summer hats. (You’ll recognize Cat from the Brooklyn hoodie; Cat really needs to update with a Denver Neighborhoodie. She rocks for Cole now.) Then we popped into Perfect Petal, where Cat oogled a pair of the feather lamps that she’s always wanted but which would be instant cat toys – for the three little “c” cats -- at her house.

While driving around, we also came across this blue bus that we’re both now obsessed with. Cat loves this blue bus; it reminds her of a very sad monster.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.