Aaron Lopez, Brianna Ortiz Charged in Boogie Down Shooting, Christopher Uvalle Surrenders

Update: Last week, we told you about a shooting at the Boogie Down Bar & Grill; see our previous coverage below.

No suspect information was available in the immediate aftermath of the gunplay. But yesterday, the Denver Police Department released the name of a suspect: Christopher Uvalle, age 22. Here's a closer look at Uvalle, who turned himself in to authorities within hours of the DPD alert -- plus (update number two) pics and information about Brianna Ortiz and Aaron Lopez, who are being charged in the case.

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At about 8 p.m. on August 7, a fight broke out at the Boogie Down, on the 5100 block of Morrison Road. Original reports were contradictory in terms of how many women were hurt by the bullets that flew shortly thereafter, and at least one media outlet maintained that the shooting had taken place outside.

The confusion continues: A subsequent DPD release states that two women were shot inside the venue...but a Denver District Attorney's Office statement mentions only one and suggests that the shooting did indeed take place outside.

Days later, police announced that Uvalle was wanted for investigation of attempted murder, felony menacing and first-degree assault -- crimes that are difficult to process given the overwhelmingly benign nature of the photos shared on his Facebook page. A number of them show Uvalle posing with happy children, while his portraits are hardly menacing. Take this one.... ...which features a comment from a friend that reads, "Hello ladies, my name is CHRIS, I read books and I ride a BIKE...."

To that, Uvalle responded: "I like long rides on my bike. And Home Depot on Sundays!...lol hahaha."

Other Uvalle images include a display of Broncos fandom....

...and this silly shot: Yet Uvalle had at least one previous run-in with the law, since the DPD used a mug shot as an identifier for him at the time of its initial announcement: However, Uvalle isn't the only person in trouble. The Denver DA's office has now announced charges against two other individuals, with the most allegations directed at Aaron Lopez -- known as "King Aaron Lopez" on a Facebook page that boasts this photo.... ...and this one: Facing lesser allegations is Brianna Ortiz, represented by this Facebook photo.... ...and this one: According to the DA's office, Lopez allegedly began arguing with Boogie Down patrons, then escalated the situation by pulling out a gun and pointing it at them.

As he drove away, Lopez is accused of handing the gun to Uvalle, who allegedly squeezed off several rounds into the bar, with one bullet striking a woman in the hand.

Lopez is facing six counts of attempted first-degree murder and menacing, five counts of attempted first-degree assault and several other felonies. Meanwhile, Ortiz is accused of two accessory counts -- and while Uvalle hasn't been formally charged, he's being held for investigation.

Continue for more about the shooting at Boogie Down Bar & Grill, including additional photos. Original post, 5:47 a.m. August 8: Another night, another shooting incident to report about the next morning. Yesterday, it was a shooting in the Ballpark Neighborhood for which no arrests appear to have been made thus far. Today, it's gunfire at the Boogie Down Bar & Grill in Denver -- and there's conflicting information about how many people were hurt.

Not a lot of activity on the Boogie Down Bar & Grill Facebook page. The most recent post is about drink specials...on December 20. The Facebook page had been created the day before -- indicative that the venue is relatively new.

Indeed, the Google Maps image from the address -- 5115 Morrison Road -- shows the business in a previous incarnation, as Alamo Bar & Grill. Here's that interactive graphic; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger Map

As for what took place, the Denver Police Department hasn't shared any information thus far via social media; the DPD had been getting better and better about using its Twitter feed to keep the public up to date, but neither yesterday's shooting nor last night's incident has earned a tweet thus far.

Meanwhile, 9News and 7News have conflicting accounts about what occurred. The former maintains that at about 10:30 p.m. last night, a fight broke out at the bar, and as a group of people split, an unknown person shot back toward the building, injuring two women. The latter says a disturbance led to one woman being shot outside.

Fortunately, the stations agree that the wound or wounds aren't life-threatening. But as was the case in the Ballpark neighborhood shooting, no suspect information has been made available thus far -- meaning another unknown gun wielder remains on the loose.

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