Adam Lerner's start gets dumber: Cartoon labrador mars photo of MCA's building

Ever since word leaked out that Adam Lerner, who's guided the Belmar Lab, would replace Cydney Payton as executive director of MCA Denver, many art-scene observers (me included) were concerned that he would bring his hip geegaws and trendy gimcracks to the museum, and in the process start to dumb down the place.

Wonder no more. Mosey over to the home page of the museum's web site and you'll be greeted by the image above, in which a crude drawing of a yellow Labrador has been superimposed over a photo of the chic David Adjaye building. Below the offensive picture is a letter from board vice president Alan Becker -- a guy who couldn't spell art if you spotted him the "a" and the "t" -- announcing Lerner's appointment. Though real estate developer Mark Falcone had appointed himself the chair of MCA Denver's director-search committee, Becker belatedly replaced him. Falcone stepped aside so that his friend Lerner could be hired without the appearance of impropriety.

See, I told you so.

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