After the DNC: All quiet on the Western front

At 3:30 a.m., southbound Speer Boulevard is empty -- and open. To the left, two cabs are cruising for their last fares of the night. To the right, Invesco Field at Mile High is still glowing, lit up with memories -- and the cleaning crews getting the place back in shape for this weekend's Colorado State University/University of Colorado football game, after more than 84,000 people had smashed into the stadium to watch Barack Obama's acceptance speech.

It's back to business as usual in Denver.

Down Broadway, I see a line -- not quite as dramatic as the endless line that snaked around Invesco's west side last night, but definitely a sign that it's back to business as usual in Denver: the single sofa set up outside the Sports Authority five days ago in anticipation of this weekend's Sniagrab has now grown into a camp that stretches up 10th Avenue and around the corner.

Inside the office, I switch on CNN. Between clips of Barack Obama's speech, there are warnings that Gustavo is about to hit New Orleans. Over on Fox, the Fox & Friends crew have started their morning show. In Minnesota. The national media is getting out of Denver, and moving on to the Republican National Convention.

It's back to business as usual. -- Patricia Calhoun

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