Air Force sex assaults: Prevention chief arrested ten years after scandal at Air Force Academy

The arrest of Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Krusinski on charges of sexual assault in Virginia has drawn condemnation from officials as high-ranking as President Barack Obama, and no wonder. After all, he was the Air Force's chief of sexual-assault prevention.

Krusinski is also a graduate of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs -- and his bust comes ten years after Westword helped expose sex assaults there, prompting a national scandal. Our original coverage and more below.

The 41-year-old Krusinski is accused of groping the buttocks and breasts of a woman during the wee hours of Sunday in an Arlington, Virginia parking lot. He was released on bond, but he's due in court tomorrow.

His appearance there represents a long fall for Krusinski, whose military career is filled with highlights. According to Stars and Stripes, he went on to serve in Afghanistan before being named the deputy expeditionary mission support group commander at Joint Base Balad in Iraq and, later, commander of the 6th Force Support Squadron at Florida's MacDill Air Force Base.

Long before scaling these career heights, Krusinski attended the Air Force Academy, where Stars and Stripes says he lettered in baseball prior to his 1994 graduation.

Less than a decade later, in 2003, the Academy was rocked by claims of sexual assault by female attendees, many of whom argued that the institution's culture failed to take such crimes seriously.

Then-Westword staffer Julie Jargon brought such reports to light in "The War Within," and in conjunction with coverage by 7News and other outlets, these allegations led to widespread condemnation of such acts and pledges by Air Force officials to address the allegations and send a zero-tolerance message regarding sexual assault that extended beyond the Academy to every branch of the military.

Ten years later, the charges against Krusinski, not to mention data showing that there were 26,000 sexual assaults in the armed services circa 2012 -- an increase of more than a third from two years prior -- suggest that not nearly enough has changed.

With this as context, here's the complete text and accompanying photos from "The War Within," whose revelations remain all-too relevant today.

Continue to read Westword's coverage of sexual assaults at the Air Force Academy ten years before Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Krusinski's arrest.

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