Alex Tinsley.
Alex Tinsley.

Alex Tinsley: Longmont teacher allegedly wanted to help student join Mile High Club

The story of Alex Tinsley, a Longmont High School teacher and karate club "sensei" arrested on suspicion of sexual assault on a child, started out creepy -- and it definitely hasn't changed directions.

The latest: Tinsley reportedly told police he had multiple trysts with the student in his pickup truck -- and he was interested in moving their sexual relationship to the air.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, Tinsley told police "he had sex with the student about a half-dozen times in his pickup truck in parking lots, at trailheads and in open space areas in Boulder County."

He's also said to have left behind evidence aplenty about their dubious connection -- dozens of text messages, including one in which he reportedly asked the girl if she wanted to become a member of the Mile High Club.

This last invite takes on an even uglier edge in light of the fact that the teacher was arrested just prior to a planned flight to Japan with the karate club he oversaw.

Sounds like the victim in question could have used a few more lessons in self-defense before she encountered Tinsley.


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