Alex Tinsley.
Alex Tinsley.

Alex Tinsley: Longmont teacher's public leg-rubbing leads to sex assault on a child arrest

The May arrest of ex-Broomfield High School wrestling coach Trevor Masse on sexual assault on a child counts apparently didn't have much of an impact on Alex Tinsley, a Longmont High School staffer and karate club overseer just busted on suspicion of similar acts. Like Masse, Tinsley is accused of sending an inappropriate text. But the act that reportedly led to the investigation against him involved public leg-rubbing.

This detail comes courtesy of the Longmont Times-Call, which reports that a resident called the cops on Tuesday after seeing Tinsley with a young girl at a local Starbucks branch.

Which wouldn't have seemed so strange if he had resisted the urge to rub her leg.

Interviews with Tinsley and the girl followed, and excuses were made. But according to Channel 7, a subsequent check of the girl's cell phone uncovered a sexually explicit message.

Think of it as a smoking text.

The arrest came just before Tinsley was scheduled to fly to Japan with members of the Longmont High karate club, for which he served as "sensei," according to a since-disabled Facebook page accessed by the Times-Call. Authorities didn't want him heading to a foreign country with ten minors.

For obvious reasons.


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