Alexander Davison allegedly exposes himself to 60-70 women in two weeks

Alexander Davison, twenty, represents a virtual case study of an indecent exposure addict -- and he appears to have gotten hooked fast. He spent around two weeks showing off his junk to an estimated sixty or seventy women on a bike path near his home and then pleasuring himself afterward -- and he admitted to cops that had he not been arrested, he would still be doing it.

According to a Boulder Police report on view below in its entirety, officers received two separate complaints about indecent exposure incidents near a north Boulder bike path. Both victims described the suspect as a white male in his twenties and said he'd approached them with his penis dangling from the open fly of his shorts.

Armed with this information, the BPD set up an undercover operation, with a female officer outfitted as a jogger used as bait and other cops in the vicinity. During the two-day stakeout, they spotted Davison, who lived in a nearby home with his mom and appeared to be peaking through window blinds at those moving past. When he finally ventured out, cops stopped him and asked if he knew why they wanted to speak with him. His response? Because he'd been "exposing himself recently on the bike path," he said.

After his arrest, Davison spilled the beans, as it were. He said he'd recently moved to Boulder from the Miami area, where he said he had a girlfriend with whom he enjoyed a "healthy sexual relationship," and after his arrival, he began experimenting with nudity in his backyard. At first, he would read a book with his shirt off. Then he graduated to draping a towel over his special place. But even after he got comfortable with stripping down entirely, he said he used chairs to block passersby from getting an eyeful.

That changed when he ventured onto the bike path. Initially, the only thing his open fly revealed were boxer shorts. But before long, he ditched the undergarments and began strolling the path with his penis in the wind. He only approached women, and he admitted to feeling aroused by the knowledge that they'd caught sight of Little Alexander. Sometimes he wound up with an erection as a result. But he stressed that he never tried to touch anyone. Instead, he headed home to masturbate.

This hobby was so satisfying that he stepped up its frequency, walking the path as many as five times per day. The estimated total of women he approached: sixty to seventy during the two weeks before the arrest, he said.

And that number would have grown had not fate, and the law, intervened. He told police that because he couldn't stop, he knew something would have to happen to make him do so -- like being busted, for instance.

Davison was arrested on two misdemeanor accounts of indecent exposure, and the Boulder Daily Camera reports that at least one other victim surfaced after his arrest. As for the female officer involved in the undercover operation, the report specifies that Davison didn't masturbate after first seeing her, due to "time constraints." And no, I'm not making that up.

Look below to read the entire report.

Alexander Davison Police Report

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