Allen Quint allegedly proves that pimping isn't just a young man's game

As you can tell by this photo, Allen Quint, 76, doesn't exactly fit the stereotypical image of a pimp.

Yet pimping is the charge he's facing due to his alleged affiliation with a so-called prostitution and human-trafficking ring that's been under siege by Colorado Springs-area law enforcement for the better part of a year.

And while the women accused of running the operation don't quite qualify for the senior discount at Denny's, they're definitely on their way.

The story can be traced back to the Colorado State Patrol's arrest of Sona Blair, age 54, this past December.

A cooperating witness reportedly told the CSP that Blair was involved in "every massage parlor in Colorado Springs" and earned $200 a pop for transporting sex workers from Denver International Airport to Colorado Springs.

She'd been tailed since the previous July, after officials got a tip from a woman at a business called the Magical Massage Spa.

If you're amused by that name, you're in luck -- because there are two even more memorable ones on the way.

Late last month, as reported by KOAA-TV, three women -- Myong Moon, Covie King and Myong Bogdany -- were arrested on suspicion of being the "Mamasans" of spas and massage parlors in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

The trade name for the businesses was Magic Moments. But as a reporter discovered one he stopped by one outlet, the signs read Smile Massage Oriental Therapy -- presumably because they specialized in happy endings.

Moon is the youngster of the trio at 54. Here's her booking photo: Next in vintage is King, who's 55.... ...followed by Bogdany, who's 61: Still, they're whippersnappers compared to Quint, who is accused of collecting sex-sales profits from his business, Tokyo Spa.

The Colorado Springs Gazette notes that the investigation is ongoing, meaning more arrests could be forthcoming. But we suspect Quint will remain the senior suspect.

Here's a KOAA-TV report about the arrests of King, Moon and Bogdany. The video player may look almost nonexistent, but it's working for us; the story follows the last part of another report.

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