Amanda Suhr, Busted in Federal Hit-and-Run: SIC...4LIFE Sticker, Juggalo Connections

The bumper sticker on the car 24-year-old Amanda Suhr is said to have been driving when she allegedly struck a pedestrian and then fled the scene read "SIC...4LIFE."

The sticker, and some attentive witnesses, made it easy for authorities to track down Suhr, who appears to be a Juggalo -- a fan of the group Insane Clown Posse. Photos and more details below.

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Suhr's Facebook page sports self-portraits aplenty, including this one...

...and this one: In addition, there are numerous allusions to ICP, including this graphic.... ...and the following image: The caption for this last shot reads: "Ahhhh shiiit it's about that time!!! 3 weeks until GOTJ ya biiiish."

For non-ICP loyalists, "GOTJ" is a reference to Gathering of the Juggalos, an annual get-together whose 2014 edition took place in Thornville, Ohio last month.

It's important to note that Juggalos feel they're victims of prejudice and discrimination, with people assuming they're violent due to the extreme nature of many ICP lyrics. Hence the creation of a website called Juggalos Fight Back, which aims to "educate the public on what we're REALLY about." Here's a post that serves as a de facto mission statement:

Let's face it, ninjas -- a lot of people just don't understand us Juggalos. Perhaps they never will fully grasp the special family ties that bond us together but does that give them the right to call us gang members or a menace to society? Of course not! But it's always easier to attack what you don't understand. So what we have to do is educate the public on what Juggalos are really about. And YOU can help spread this knowledge by simply printing out this pamphlet and giving it to folks who could use some Juggalo education. Do your parents, clergymen or employer sneer at you or eye you suspiciously because you're a Juggalo? Has a law enforcement official ever accused you of being in a gang simply because you're wearing a Hatchetman charm? Next time someone gives you the bone for being a Juggalo, simply hand them one of these pamphlets and tell them you'll be happy to answer any questions they might have about the Juggalo family. Education cures prejudice, Juggalos! Help spread the word!
This effort won't be boosted by Suhr's arrest, which took place at around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, August 16.

After 8 p.m., a gold Chevrolet Impala was driving northbound on Federal Boulevard when it struck someone crossing at 14th Avenue. According to 7News, the pedestrian was in the crosswalk but moving against the traffic signal.

The female driver briefly stopped at the scene, then fled despite a flattened tire, the police report obtained by 7News states. However, several witnesses, who are said to have actually chased after the Impala as it drove away, were able to take photos of the car, which sported a license plate from South Dakota, Suhr's home state, and the "SIC...4LIFE" sticker. They also gave police a description of the driver that matched Suhr.

Within hours, police had traced the vehicle to Suhr's apartment and found the Impala. But Suhr wasn't around. She didn't turn up until the next day, after an anonymous 911 caller said officers should get into contact with "Amanda" at Westwood Park, located on South Yates Street. The caller told the dispatcher Amanda had been involved in Saturday's hit and run.

When an officer arrived, the affidavit continues, Suhr was at the scene. She denied having placed the call to 911 and said her car had been stolen -- a story that apparently didn't convince prosecutors. The Denver District Attorney's Office has now charged her with leaving the scene of an accident involving serious bodily injury, failure to report an accident, no operator's license and no proof of insurance.

Bond for Suhr was set at $50,000. She's slated to appear in Denver County Court later today to be advised of the charges against her. Here's a look at her booking photo.

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