American Indian Movement post urges Native Americans to "avoid downtown" during Columbus Parade

A hoax e-mail declared that the annual Columbus Day Parade had been canceled -- which it won't be even if the weather is miserable tomorrow according to Richard SaBell, the spectacle's top organizer. As for demonstrations, which have been a regular feature of the event for years, SaBell noted that protester turnout has been down in recent years -- and a post on the American Indian Movement blogspot suggests that the trend will continue (unless the item is intended as ominous subterfuge). Specifically, the "Advisory for October 10 -- Columbus Hate Speech Parade" reads, "Colorado AIM advises all Native elders and children to avoid downtown Denver, especially the area near the Columbus Hate Speech Parade, on Saturday, October 10, 2009."

Curious, as is the fact that the Transform Columbus Day Alliance website hasn't been updated since last year. Is it possible that the various anti-Columbus organizations out there have decided to move on? Probably not. But these signals, coupled with the inclement weather anticipated for the weekend, imply that tomorrow's parade won't be causing a crush at area police stations. Wouldn't that be an unexpected discovery?

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