An Open Letter to People Who Hate on Anyone Moving to Colorado for Weed

A pair of recent Comment of the Day items found our readers debating whether or not people moving to Colorado for marijuana were making the state worse or better.

Turns out the debate is raging in Colorado places beyond the Mile High City.

"For those who continue to hate on the people that move to CO for weed," shared on the Rants & Raves section of Colorado Springs Craigslist, juxtaposes the amusing meme featured above with a defense of newcomers with marijuana on their mind.

Check out his take here — and to visit the original post, click here.

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Hello fellow humans! I often read hateful posts by people in the state who "hate" the people from other states that move to Colorado because of marijuana. While I consider all forms of hate to be ignorance I must say that I apologize to all of you for whatever issue I have caused you by my relocation. I would just like to remind you of a couple of things about why people are moving to this state so you can take them into account when you are speaking your discontent. People who relocate to the state of Colorado due to marijuana are doing it in most cases to prevent criminal prosecution in their home state; we are glad this state understands there is little to no crime in the possession or consumption of a plant and we feel like refugees. Not everyone who comes here for that reason is unemployed or a bum. I have met numerous people who have moved here for marijuana that have degrees in everything from education to biochemistry; without disclosing too much people like myself contribute heavily to the economy of this state by buying, eating, using services etc. While there are a few people that come here in less than desirable conditions one simply can't generalize this to be everyone's case. I would also like to thank everyone who has openly received myself and my family. So next time you are thinking about hating on one of your fellow human beings for seeking a better life through Colorado state law or the medicinal use of marijuana think about what I have said today.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.