Reader: Colorado Was Awesome Before So Many People Moved Here for the Weed

In a recent Comment of the Day, a reader argued that Colorado natives are starting to sound like Donald Trump.

His point? He thinks some of those born in Colorado would like to build a wall around the state, so no one else can move here — sort of like the wall Trump has advocated for the Mexico/U.S. border.

The conversation sparked by this assertion took an interesting turn when one of the commenters suggested that a lot of the new arrivals were drawn here by the lure of marijuana.

This claim resulted in the following exchange, which starts out fiery but ends with humor.

Chris Chavez writes:

Colorado was awesome before people moved here for weed and drove up prices so that natives can barely, if at all, afford to live here.

Cole Whitaker writes:

Right, everyone is moving here for pot. SMH The only moron is you because that's the easiest thing to blame it on.

Chris Chavez writes:

Yes Colorado is beautiful and awesome and now OVERPOPULATED since the legalization. Were people moving here in such large numbers before, no. Just normal growth. Now businesses can't even afford to thrive because rent prices for them also are doubling even tripling. Before marijuana people thought of Colorado as a hick cow town.

Mark Alan writes:

I'm pretty sure they moved here to pay high rent while not wanting to get high.

Chris Chavez writes:

That's gotta be it! It's the only sensible answer.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.