An Update on the Rocky's John Lehndorff

As noted in this August 20 More Messages blog, Rocky Mountain News restaurant reviewer John Lehndorff is doing some copy editing for the paper while dieting in advance of hip surgery. But he's busy on a lot of other fronts, too, food included. His August 17 column provided readers with an update about his situation and confirmed that longtime local food scribe Lori Midson would be critiquing eateries until he can get back to his regular chow schedule. However, Lehndorff went into more detail in response to a query from Westword. Here's that e-mail:

I've been back a week and a half and so far so good. It's true, I am copyediting a couple of days a week. Before working at the News, I was a Features editor (as well as Entertainment, Food and even Fashion, for a VERY short time) for 15 years at the Daily Camera.

I'm also writing everything on the dining pages except the review, done on an interim basis until I get my hip fixed. I'll still have a gastronomic presence, so to speak. My column will sometimes chronicle my new adventure: dining with dietary damage. I'll also continue to edit the $25 for Two dining feature for the Food section and dining-related feaures such as an upccoming story on the food at the Taste of Colorado. I'll also keep working on various special sections including Winter and Summer Escapes and penning other arts/entertainment features...

PS: I finally saw Ratatouille. Marvelous film with incredibly accurate details, food-wise.

Good news, Pixar: Lehndorff gives your latest movie four spoons. -- Michael Roberts

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.