Anchor/Dog Bite Survivor Kyle Dyer Latest to Leave 9News

Longtime 9News morning personality Kyle Dyer has announced that she's leaving the station on September 7 after twenty years on the job, joining what by now is a sizable crowd of venerable talents to have exited from Denver's perpetual news-ratings leader in recent years.

Those who've left include entertainment reporter Kirk Montgomery, sportscaster Susie Wargin, evening anchor Mark Koebrich and, most recently, self-described business boy Gregg Moss.

The reasons for these departures have differed, but they've all taken place during a period when traditional media, including TV stations, are facing more competition than ever from digital-age news, information and entertainment purveyors, resulting in the sort of revenue struggles that can make high-salaried veterans vulnerable. Viewers seldom learn definitively whether old favorites jumped or were pushed, but they're certainly leaving local outlets across the country at a quickening pace — and they tend to be replaced by fresh faces with more manageable contracts.

Dyer, for her part, was a major reason that 9News's morning news block became an audience juggernaut — one of the most popular and successful programs of its type in the U.S. Her warm personality and easy rapport with cast-mates such as Gary Shapiro, who remains on the program, made the show the equivalent of comfort food for early risers in Denver and beyond.

Her good humor is encapsulated in the expression seen in the following 2011 screen capture — a humorous acknowledgment of a typographical error in the rundown on the right, which featured the phrase, "Shit Off My Back."

Nonetheless, Dyer didn't leap into the national consciousness until a bizarre event that took place in February 2012; she was bitten on the face by a rescued Argentine Mastiff during a live broadcast.

This shocking incident resulted in wounds to Dyer that required seventy stitches and extensive surgeries to address.

Meanwhile, a major media controversy erupted when 9News fought to keep footage of the attack off the Internet and actively lobbied other outlets (including this one) not to post it — a highly questionable tack to be taken by a news operation, particularly given that nothing graphic was actually caught on camera.

Eventually, Dyer resurfaced, sharing her story on the Today show prior to returning to 9News.

Then, in 2014, she announced that she was leaving the morning show in favor of lower-profile gigs on the 11 a.m. and noon newscasts — a move that served as a transition to the latest announcement.

Along with a video goodbye, Dyer shared one on Facebook; it's included below in its entirety. The text makes frequent mentions of her family, without the slightest allusion to the dog-bite matter.

She also refers to the "next chapter" of her life, without hinting about whether it will take place behind the scenes or in the public eye. However, a reference in the video to something "in the works" suggests that she may not be disappearing from the media scene.

Read her farewell below, followed by its accompanying video and her post-dog-bite appearance on the Today show in 2012.

Kyle Dyer announcement:

After 20 years at 9News, I will be leaving on September 7. What an amazing 20 years it has been!

I moved to Denver in 1996, not knowing anyone. My family was far away from me, so were all of my friends. However, the one-of-a kind people who make up 9News became my family pretty quickly.
It was also immediate that I started feeling welcomed into so many homes throughout this great state. The viewers who have watched and supported my work for 20 years are the most loyal I could have ever asked for... Love you all! You have watched me say 'I do' to my wonderful husband Chris and cheered me on through two pregnancies. My daughters Josie (13) and Eliza (11) are what Chris and I are most proud of!

When I stepped away from the 9News morning show in 2014 to be more present for my family, I uncovered some wonderful opportunities. I still had the chance to connect with our audience on the mid-day news broadcasts. And then I was drawn into the world of storytelling. I started building on my reporting skills to find and go deeper into stories that weren't being told.

It is a joy for me to get out of the studio and meet compelling people and discover innovative programs that make a positive impact. It's exceptional to have the chance to talk with so many of you and listen closely and then share your story with all of Colorado.

The people I have met in Colorado over the last 20 years have transformed me from a young morning news anchor to an invested, compassionate communicator who aspires to tell stories that inspire others.

I've loved getting to know those of you who face great challenges yet are always optimistic and driven to keep pushing forward. For those of you who are tirelessly working to better the lives of the people who live amongst us, you wow me with your determination and brilliance.

As I leave 9News, I'm looking forward to remaining deeply connected within this community. I'll be passing on my 'what's next' before too long. It's an exciting time for me and my family as we look forward to a new chapter.

It is with great respect that I thank you for two decades of loyal friendship and inspiration!

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