Video: Kyle Dyer, 9News anchor, bitten in face by rescued Argentine Mastiff

Live television can be unpredictable under the best circumstances -- especially if a dog is added to the mix.

This morning, these elements came together in a particularly painful way for 9News anchor Kyle Dyer, who was bitten in the face by Max, an 85-pound Argentine Mastiff, at the station's studio this morning.

Here's how the incident is described on the 9News Facebook page: "There was an incident during 9NEWS today. Kyle Dyer was bit in the face by a dog. She is getting medical attention due to the injury. As soon as we know the extent of Kyle's injury, we will update you on her condition. Thanks everyone for the concerns/well-wishes."

In addition, the Denver Post reports that Gary Shapiro, Dyer's co-host, included this note on his own Facebook page: "So you may have seen Kyle get bit by the dog in the 7 a.m. hour. All we know for sure is that he got her on the lip, and she's being treated for the injury at the hospital. We think she's going to be OK, she was talking when she left." This post appears to have been deleted.

The latest from 9News is a bare-bones article that says Dyer was "interviewing" Max, an Argentine Mastiff, as well as "his owner and the firefighter who rescued Max from an icy pond on Tuesday when she was bitten in the face." Afterward, the story continues, firefighters, paramedics and animal control officers were called to the station, while Dyer was transported to a hospital.

The station hasn't posted video of the incident, but -- update -- one's just surfaced on YouTube. It's definitely shocking, so prepare yourself. Afterward, see the clip of Max being rescued.

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