Andrew Blackman Escaped From Cop by Running to Police Station

Our Schmuck of the Week staff may be large (operative words: may be), but we still appreciate it when community members bring schmuckiness to our attention. So we offer a tip of the uniform cap to the Denver Police Department for a Facebook post whose headline definitely caught our attention: "SUSPECT RUNS...STRAIGHT TO THE POLICE STATION."

Which brings us to the story of Andrew Blackman.

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At around 3:20 a.m. on December 21, according to Blackman's probable cause statement, which is on view below, an officer pulled over a green Lexus for a lane violation. The car came to a stop on the 2800 block of West Evans Avenue, an area captured in the following interactive graphic. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger Map

The driver of the vehicle was Israel Wiggins-Bello, who was subsequently busted for suspected possession of a controlled substance -- an action that led to what everyone will agree is a particularly memorable booking photo:

Blackman, for his part, was in the car's back seat on the right-hand side. After running his name, the arresting officer discovered that he had an active felony weapons warrant out of Michigan -- one serious enough that he could be extradited there.

At that point, the report continues, the officer asked Blackman to exit the Lexus, and he did so -- but then broke free of the cop's grasp and sprinted away on foot. He ran east on West Evans, then south on Clay before jumping a fence and entering a parking lot.

This was Blackman's approximate view:

The lot probably appeared pretty benign to Blackman, especially since it would have been dark outside. But it connects to a building that looks like this: Yep, that's the District 4 police station -- and when he "realized where he landed, and that he was surrounded by officers," the DPD's Facebook account reads, "Blackman immediately game up without incident."

The PC statement adds: "When asked why he ran, Blackman admitted that he knew he had a warrant and did not want to go to jail."

Then why was he in such a hurry to get there? Here's a larger look at Blackman's mug shot, followed by the aforementioned incident report.

Andrew Blackman Probable Cause Statement

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