Andrew Gelston Graham's murder again linked to alleged racial attackers: See the photo gallery

In November, Andrew Gelston Graham was found murdered near his Arapahoe County home. At first, clues were scarce, despite the existence of light-rail footage shot just before he was killed.

Then, in February, Channel 4 reported a link between Graham and a criminal group that allegedly targeted Caucasian and Hispanic victims.

Nearly two months later, the connection has been strengthened, with names attached to the possible perpetrators. Get more information, and see a mug-shot gallery of the alleged racial attackers below:

This time around, Channel 9's getting credited with the scoop (although much of its information was reported by Channel 4 last month). Citing search warrants, the station reports that gang member Clarissa Lockhart told police she and four associates followed Graham -- among them Allen Ford, the last of the alleged attackers to be captured, circa early December. She added that a cohort nicknamed "Baby Low" then shot Graham.

Why no charges yet? Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson declined to comment about the story for 9News. But it's likely that law enforcement is taking the same kind of slow and steady approach used in another high-profile gang-related case: the murder of former Denver Broncos defender Darrent Williams.

A photo of Ford is immediately below. After that, page through our photo gallery of the other alleged racial attackers, including Lockhart.

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