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Ask a Stoner: Where to buy seeds and clones in Denver

Dear Stoner: Where can I buy quality seeds in Denver?
John A.

Dear John: Recreational sales for seeds are slim pickings these days, but you can pick up beans from Reserva Privada Colorado at the Clinic, as well as Rare Dankness seeds at River Rock and Medicine Man. Those two companies have won numerous awards in recent years. The Livwell on Broadway and 3-D are also advertising some cool Flo crosses.

Dear Stoner: Is a red card required to buy clones in a store?
String of Polo Ponies

Dear Polo: No, it's not — though only a handful of recreational shops are selling clones right now. Nature's Best, 3-D, Best Colorado Meds and Medicine Man all had sprouts for sale as of late March. Expect to pay between $15 and $25 for a cutting, but there's no telling what you're actually going to get. You can always try Craigslist, as it's completely legal for someone to give you clones for free now.

Dear Stoner: I sent this question to the Colorado Bar Association, but nobody could help me out: When is a cutting a plant? I really don't know if there's a precedent under the current context of Colorado law, and I'm concerned about being burned.

Dear Kenny: It's no surprise that when you leave it up to a bunch of lawyers to interpret the law, they can't do it. According to Department of Revenue rules, a cutting becomes a plant when it is taller than eight inches or when the fan leaves are wider than eight inches — whichever comes first. It also can't be in a container bigger than two square inches. (That applies to both seedlings and clones.) Keep in mind that this is the definition for state-licensed retail and medical sales. There is no explicit definition for private medical or recreational growers, but it wouldn't be a stretch to see it applied that way due to the precedent already being set. Either way, we suggest you keep a ruler handy in your grow room.

Dear Stoner: How can you pass a mouth-swab drug test? Please help.
Oral Roberts

Dear Oral: Mouth swabs are used for immediate detection, so if a test is sprung on you and you didn't have a few days to stop puffing and do some serious brushing, you might not pass. Some say letting Coke sit in your mouth and following it with Listerine will do it — but we haven't tried that. Good luck.

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