Baker green peas movement inspires direct action: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Developed by hippies in the early 1970s, Baker green peas have been specially adapted for the cooler climate of the Baker neighborhood lifestyle. Guaranteed to produce a diversity of sustainable and nurturing pods, gardeners in all Denver neighborhoods are encouraged to give Baker green peas a chance... As illustrated on the Denver Neighborhood Seed Company packet shown above, Baker green peas are the cool season crop that rises above all of the rest. Each plump, juicy pea is as sweet as a light rail car full of paying passengers.

Direct-sow on St. Patrick's day for platefuls of peas for your Father's Day barbecue. Direct-sow again on the Fourth of July for a fall crop. Vine height is about five feet. To save space and make pea-picking easier, provide a Baker green peas pole for this variety to climb on.

Baker green peas poles display the message "May Peas Prevail on Earth" and are available in stores on Broadway and Santa Fe, as well as yard sales throughout the Baker neighborhood. Peas out, brothers and sisters.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.