Balls!: Woman accused of drunkley kneeing Boulder cop in the 'nads

Being a policeman -- and we're using a gender-specific term for a reason -- is tough under the best circumstances. But some days are worse than others.

Take the Boulder cop who responded to a domestic violence call, only to allegedly be given a rack job by the woman who'd helped cause the ruckus in the first place.

The story comes courtesy of the Boulder Daily Camera, which reports about an incident that took place yesterday.

Boulder Police Department reps rolled to a Pine Street apartment occupied by Helen Gregory, 41, and her boyfriend, who were apparently having a particularly vivid disagreement. She's said to have been drunk and uncooperative -- a bad combination that came to a head, in a manner of speaking, after the officer tried to take her into custody.

Kneecap, meet groin.

This alleged move contributed mightily to the counts against Gregory, which include second- and third-degree assault, resisting arrest, obstructing a peace officer and (oh, yeah) domestic violence. She's scheduled to appear in a jail courtroom at 2 p.m. this afternoon.

Advice to court personnel: Wear a cup.

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