Berkeley broccoli blooms in the Tennyson Street Cultural District: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Berkeley has a long history of growing food for the creatures of Denver. In its early days, the entire neighborhood was an alfalfa farm that produced feed for the horses that pulled city streetcars. Over time, the land was developed into the city lots -- now tended by the urban farmers who supply the broccoli that fills the raw vegetable hors d'œuvre trays offered at art openings in the Tennyson Street Cultural District... As illustrated on the Denver Neighborhood Seed packet above, broccoli has always been big in Berkeley. While the neighborhood's annual production of 67 pounds pales in comparison to the 9 million tons grown in the People's Republic of China, it remains a favorite in the vegetable gardens surrounding the Oriental Theater.

Grown to share with close friends and creative types at cultural events, Berkeley broccoli plants are prized for their big heads and tight buds. Good side shoots continue to grow long after the center head has been harvested. Like the residents of the district, Berkeley broccoli grows best in cool weather and full sun.

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