Bob Terrill, KRFC staple, dies: 2nd recent death (with Kyle Dyas) of public-radio favorite

Even as fans of Greeley-based KUNC are mourning the loss of Kyle Dyas, the station's music director, who committed suicide by jumping from the Spire Building, the folks at Fort Collins' KRFC are dealing with a death in their family: Bob Terrill.

Here's how the station broke the news to listeners about the passing of another Northern Colorado public-radio favorite:

It is with great sadness that the staff at KRFC must announce that our friend and colleague, Bob Terrill, passed away at 11:30 am MST Friday, March 11, 2011. All of the KRFC community will miss Bob terribly and we wish him peace on his next journey. We send our condolences and love to Vicky and the boys, now and always.

No cause of death is mentioned in this paragraph. However, one of the folks who paid tribute to Terrill on DenverRadio.net writes that Terrill had been hospitalized for weeks due to complications from H1N1.

Here's another tribute to Terrill from a DenverRadio.net poster, who knew him when he worked at KCSU:

I first met Bob... in 1987 when I became a non-trad student at CSU. I was the co-program director/music director at AOR KSQI (96.1 K-SKY) at the time. Bob welcomed me as a student dj at KCSU. He helped me get my work-study grant that allowed me to work at KCSU. He gave me one of the greatest letters of recommendation I've ever received - when I applied to be the local Virgin record rep. Bob and I worked to get KCSU listed as an Americana reporting station in '93 when the Gavin report started that chart .... I actually sat here and wept when I got the news today... I miss my friend very much.

Equally heartfelt salutes can be found in abundance on the KRFC Facebook page. Some examples:

Bob was truly an exceptional human being. His sense of humor and wit and compassion for people was, as someone else said, an inspiration. I feel like a lucky person just to have known him. Thank you for allowing people to post here. We will miss you Bob!!

I am so sad to hear about Bob's passing. He was a sweet and thoughtful person and was always so appreciative when I would call and ask..."what are you playing ??" because he knew he had converted another fan to music he enjoyed. He played such an eclectic mix and he had a great laugh. Thanks for your years at KCSU and KRFC. RIP.

Bob Terrill -- We were all so very lucky and thankful to have known you.

A public memorial service is planned for Terrill from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, March 26, at Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins.

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