BolderBOULDER and Colfax Marathon runners determined to take part despite Boston attack

The Denver Police Department says that at this time, there's no known local link to the horrific attack at the Boston Marathon yesterday.

Yet the images currently blanketing news broadcasts can't help striking a chord with local runners expecting to participate in the BolderBOULDER and Colfax Marathon next month.

Will the explosions cause many to change their plans? Judging by a slew of heartfelt but defiant social media posts, no.

The Colfax Marathon, touted on the the event's Facebook page as "Denver's ultimate urban tour," is slated to get underway May 18 and 19, with half of the 26.2 mile main route through Denver Zoo. Supplementary events include the relay, Corporate Cup, Government Cup, 10 miler and 5K, and barbecue, beer and blues courtesy of the Hazel Miller Band will greet finishers at the lakeside Jim'N Nick's Bar-B-Q City Park after-party.

Upbeat posts dominate the page, so the one about Boston that popped up yesterday definitely stood out. It reads:

Our heartfelt sympathies to the runners, volunteers, staff and spectators at the Boston Marathon. Thankful to report our staff and ambassadors in Boston are ok.

As you can see, this note doesn't ask if the bombing has made people reluctant to run the Colfax Marathon, but several commenters spontaneously weighed in on the subject. One declared, "Ain't shit changing! We're going to do this on time without fear! Fuck those terrorist assholes!," while another wrote, "I think we all should write 'for Boston' on our backs or tummies at the Colfax race!" The spirit was much the same on the BolderBOULDER Facebook page. As the page notes, the venerable 10K will be marking its 35th year on Memorial Day, May 27. Organizers say it's the third largest running race in the United States, and the seventh largest in the world, attracting approximately 52,000 runners, joggers, walkers and wheelchair racers who cross the finish line at CU-Boulder's Folsom Field after strutting their stuff before crowds in the range of 150,000.

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"Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Boston, the Boston running community and the Boston Marathon family," the page's administrator posted yesterday afternoon -- and in addition to more than 500 likes received at this writing, the line inspired several upcoming race confirmations. Here's a sampling:

I will still be flying in for the race. I am sure that big races will be on alert from now on.

I will be at the BB!! The races will go! My heart goes out to those in Boston and to all the victims of this senseless violence.

Let us pray that the powers that be in Boulder and surrounding communities take every safety measure all along the route, entrance to stadium and everywhere! They have time to implement high security.

I will still be there. When we run and hide in fear is when they win. I will race for those who can't.

I will run the BolderBOULDER. It is my third time this year. Nobody takes that away from me. Nobody. I plan to beat my time from last year. I will do it. Never before it has been as important for me to run a landmark race.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.