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Bonnie and Clyde, accused of Greeley bank robbery, busted in California

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The crime spree of Bonnie and Clyde 2.0 was not nearly as long or storied as their namesakes.

Last week, we told you about the couple, who were accused of one bank robbery and several other armed robberies in the Greeley area. But they didn't hang around town, glorying in the nickname bestowed upon them by the Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force, which specializes in that sort of thing. Instead, they hightailed it to California, where they were arrested in the community of Burlingame after sticking up a bank in Los Banos.

Oh yeah: Their real names are Christina Drummond (she's 23) and Joseph Thomas Nieto (35). Not nearly as cool as their nom de plumes. Read two releases about the bust below:

FBI Denver division release:

The FBI and Greeley Police Department are pleased to announce that the two bank robbery suspects dubbed "Bonnie and Clyde" were identified and arrested without incident. Bonnie is identified as Christina Drummond, 23 years of age, from California. Clyde is identified as Joseph Nieto, 35 years of age, from California.

Drummond and Nieto were arrested January 12, 2010, by the Los Banos, California, Police Department (see attached Word Document). Drummond and Nieto were being sought by investigators here in Colorado since an arrest warrant was issued by the Weld County District Attorney's Office last week. The warrants were for the December 15, 2009, robbery of the Premier Cash Advance located at 3820 10th Street, Greeley, Colorado; and, the December 24, 2009, robbery to the Guaranty Bank and Trust located at 930 11th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado.

The investigation is continuing and no further details will be released at this time.

The FBI and Greeley Police Department would like to thank the public for any assistance provided in this matter.

Los Banos Police Department release


Los Banos Police Detectives worked in a coordinated effort with the FBI to capture a team of bank robbers.

Employees of the Los Banos Rabobank branch open their doors on the morning of January 12th and were taken by surprise by a team of bank robbers. The two person team was made up of a man and woman. Both subjects were armed and disguised themselves to conceal their identity. The robbers took an undisclosed amount of cash and fled the area.

Police Detectives contacted the FBI to assist with the investigation. After reviewing the banks surveillance the FBI told Detectives that the couple may be responsible for several other robberies that occurred in the state of Colorado and one in Visalia.

The suspects have been identified as 35 year old Joseph Thomas Nieto and 23 year old Christina Drummond. Investigative leads took Detectives and the FBI to the City of Burlingame where the team of robbers was located and arrested. A large percentage of the stolen Rabobank money has been recovered. Colorado Detectives were called to participate in the investigation.

Anyone with information regarding a suspicious or criminal incident is strongly encouraged to contact the Los Banos Police Department at 209 827 7070. To leave an anonymous crime tip call, 209 827 7070 X 288.

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