Boobs, Buildings and Broncos: Our Most Popular News Stories From the Week

From boobs to buildings, from 9News anchor Kyle Dyer's departure announcement to some guy who was really honest about how unprepared he was for the Boulder Flatirons, this past week has been an eventful one in Denver. We've rounded up some of our most popular recent stories and shared them here (in no particular order) for your reading pleasure.

Oh, and good news: No need to stress about driving your Colorado-plated car outside state lines anymore. 
10. What You Need to Know About Denver Go Topless Day (NSFW)
9. Who Wants to Smoke Weed With Tommy Chong in Denver?
8. Anchor/Dog Bite Survivor Kyle Dyer Latest to Leave 9News
7. "Developer" Can Be a Dirty Word in Denver — Meet Five Exceptions to the Rule
6. PT's All Nude Killing — and Seven Other Recent Strip Club Slayings or Attacks

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