Boulder abortion doctor Warren Hern now seeing patients of murdered colleague George Tiller

As one of the most prominent doctors in the country to perform late-term abortions, Boulder's Warren Hern has been much in the news since the slaying last month of his friend and colleague, Kansas's George Tiller. And now it appears that Hern is getting additional business of the sort he never wanted. A Wichita Eagle article published yesterday contains the following passage:

Downstairs is a woman who chose to terminate her pregnancy because of a fetal abnormality, Hern tells a visitor in an upstairs room. The woman was scheduled to have a late abortion at George Tiller's Women's Health Care Services clinic but came to Hern after Tiller's clinic closed following his May 31 shooting death.

More women who might have previously gone to Tiller's clinic are likely to make the drive to Boulder, too. At seventy years of age, Hern looks far different from the youthful-looking photo on the Boulder Abortion Clinic website, which pictures him with a full beard and a moddish hairstyle. But he's made it clear that neither his age nor anything else will convince him to capitulate to the most radical anti-abortion zealots, whom he brands as terrorists. And he reiterated this message to Kansans yesterday.

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