Boulder Stove & Flooring: Three dead bodies found inside

Today was supposed to be former Boulder Police Department public-information officer Sarah Huntley's first day as spokeswoman for the City of Boulder as a whole -- but she was called back to her old job because of a very grim discovery: three dead bodies found inside a local business, Boulder Stove & Flooring.

At this writing, BPD officers and representatives of the community's coroner's office are awaiting a judge's order to allow them to search the premises in more detail. But what they've already found is disturbing enough. Huntley provides the details.

"We were called to Boulder Stove & Floor, 2887 30th Street, this morning around 11:09 a.m.," she says. "We were called there on a report of what sounded to the caller like gunshots. We responded as if it were a call in progress, and officers went into the building with weapons drawn.

"The building was open for business, so the front door was unlocked. And inside, officers found three deceased people."

Initially, officers were unable to tell if the trio were killed by gunshots, Huntley continues, and the coroner's office has only made a preliminary investigation of the bodies. However, officers arrived on the scene quickly and saw no one fleeing from the business either on foot or in a car. There was one vehicle in the parking lot when the BPD showed up, and it's still there.

As such, Huntley says, "we do not have obviously indications that there is a suspect at large."

This comment suggests a murder-suicide scenario, but it's too soon to reach that conclusion, Huntley believes. "The report that came in was 'shots fired,'" she notes, "but we don't know if the coroner has been able to determine if they were all three gunshot victims," or if one of the dead took his or her own life.

Look below for a commercial for Boulder Stove & Flooring:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.