Brandon Marshall cousin Blair Clark, key figure in Darrent Williams murder trial: Previous brushes with the law

During day one of testimony in the Darrent Williams murder trial, Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall was mentioned numerous times by John Sheppard, a Williams friend from Texas who joined BM and other Broncos at a New Year's Eve club outing that turned fatal.

But Sheppard made just as many references to Marshall's cousin, Blair Clark. Sheppard said Blair Clark sprayed champagne on a group that included accused killer Willie Clark (no relation) and Daniel Harris, prompting a confrontation -- and he subsequently tried to fight Harris while in a condition Sheppard described as "over-drunk" before being pulled away by other members of the party.

Marshall, of course, has had numerous well-documented brushes with the law -- and it turns out his cousin has had a couple, too.

Back in 2008, assembled a long roster of Marshall's run-ins with authorities. On page two of that report, Blair Clark's name comes up in relation to a May 5, 2008 incident; a 9-1-1 caller claimed to have seen him slam a woman into the hood of a car. Click here to listen to the call.

As an aside, the report adds this:

Blair Clark was also arrested by Denver Police on August 15th, 2007 for petty theft, threatening to injure a person, and driving without a license. The police report alleges that after Clark skipped out on a $300 restaurant tab, he blocked traffic with his vehicle. When approached by officers, the report alleges that Clark shouted he would "kill and beat the f*** out of the cops." A CBI background check indicates no other major arrests in Clark's history in Colorado.

Look below to see the report on the later incident:

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