Brandon Marshall's post-touchdown demonstration that wasn't: no glove love?

Brandon Marshall and one possible glove.

After scoring the touchdown that gave the Broncos their margin of victory against the Cleveland Browns last night, wide receiver Brandon Marshall reached into his belt, but teammate Brandon Stokley stopped him before he could whip something out. No, not that kind of something. As he explained during a bizarre post-game news conference, Marshall had planned to put on a glove as part of an end-zone demonstration that was supposed to pay simultaneous tribute to Barack Obama's election and the raised-fist salute by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. Talk about a mixed message: Smith and Carlos were protesting oppression of African-Americans, not celebrating a great achievement. And even if this action was somehow interpreted the way Marshall wanted, the Broncos still would have been slapped with a penalty that could have helped the Browns come back and win the game. That's the reason Stokley stepped in.

Nonetheless, at least one member of YouTube Nation has Marshall's back. Look below to check out a video entitled "IN SUPPORT OF BRANDON MARSHALL," which intersperses excerpts from the news conference with a variety of gloves Marshall might have sported -- and also takes a cheap shot at a former Bronco. (The info box on the page reads, "FUCK Mark Schlereth" even though he's not one of the ESPN anchors at the end of the clip who criticize number 15.) Also below: a more slap-happy appearance by Marshall on the NFL Network, whose commentators give the glove at least a little love. -- Michael Roberts


Marshall on the NFL Network:

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