Brandon Marshall's wife called 911 during fight three months before stabbing him

During his years with the Denver Broncos, receiver Brandon Marshall was hit with numerous domestic violence accusations. As such, it wasn't exactly shocking that in April, after being traded to the Miami Dolphins, Marshall was stabbed by his wife. And now, a newly released 911 report suggests that trouble had been brewing for months.

The info comes courtesy of Complete Colorado, which recently made headlines, and raised hackles, with its report linking mayor-elect Michael Hancock to the Denver Players prostitution biz. But the site's been covering allegations against Marshall for years -- to find links to reports from 2008 and 2009, click here -- and Complete Colorado's Todd Shepherd sees definite similarities between those incidents and one that took place in January.

As seen in the document below, a woman -- likely MIchi Nogami-Marshall, Marshall's wife -- called 911 screaming to police for help only to hang up. The dispatcher immediately called back and a male (Marshall?) answered and said no assistance was necessary. Rather than taking his word for it, the dispatcher asked to speak to the woman who phoned initially. She said help was needed, but wouldn't say why.

Michi left shortly thereafter, essentially bringing the fight to an end. Police subsequently escorted her back to the house to get some of her belongings.

The latest on the situation? In recent days, according to ESPN, Marshall finally spoke to prosecutors about the stabbing, which Michi says was committed in self-defense. Meanwhile, however, she faces a new charge -- violating her pre-trial release, which ordered her to stay at least 500 feet away from the home she once shared with her husband. Nonetheless, she'd reportedly been living there while he was out of town -- and when he came back in early June, they got into an argument that prompted her to make another 911 call and then hang up.

Whew! Look below to see the dispatch report about the January incident:

Marshall Dispatch Notes Broward County

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