Brighton Police Department arrests six -- for putting dish soap in a swimming pool?

The Brighton Police Department is under fire for allegedly giving special treatment to firefighter Randy Cleveland, who's been charged with six domestic-violence-related felonies. But the BPD, which denies the claims about Cleveland, apparently has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to stupid pranks, as indicated by its arrest of six people said to have conspired to put dish soap in a pool.

No question the timing was irritating. The incident reportedly took place on June 17, just prior to the ribbon-cutting for the new Brighton Oasis Water Park -- and because authorities couldn't immediately identify the "unknown liquid" placed in the water along with assorted furniture from the facility, the opening had to be delayed.

Brighton officers subsequently received tips leading to the arrest of Edgar Castro-Estrada and Scot Persichette, both nineteen, and August Meikle, twenty, for criminal mischief; Joshua Sirios, nineteen, for second-degree criminal trespassing; and Holly Prosser, nineteen, and James Hirsch-Sparkman, 21, for acts constituting trespassing.

Here's hoping the officers put just as much effort into investigating the next report of abuse as they did rounding up this particular gang of ruffians. Look below to see photos of the Dish-Soap Six, provided by the Brighton PD.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.