Broncos fan punched out, hospitalized after wearing Denver jersey to San Diego game

What would have been worse for a Broncos fan in San Diego than not being able to see Denver's amazing comeback win over the Chargers live and in person on Monday night? Missing the entire game because someone had knocked you unconscious, presumably for daring to wear a Broncos jersey into Qualcomm Stadium. That's what happened to one unfortunate Denver die-hard.

According to Fox5 in San Diego, Eric, a 22 year old from Chula Vista who didn't want his full name used for fear of additional retaliation, hadn't even entered the stadium when the lights went out.

"Someone spilled their beer on me," he told the station, "and the next thing I noticed, I woke up in a hospital the next day."

Yes, Eric had rocked his Broncos jersey -- and he said some Chargers fans had harassed him for his clothing choice. But he apparently didn't see his assailant, since he was struck in the back of the head. He wound up spending two days in an area hospital, and while he's home now, he's not exactly all better.

In his words, "I was bleeding from my head, my body is in pain, I'm taking medication every day, and I've lost my sense of smell."

No arrests have been made in the case, the station reports. But despite his experiences on Monday night, Eric says he hasn't been scared off attending a game at Qualcomm, and plans to go there again in the future.

No word about what he plans to wear in the Broncos are in town.

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