Broncos playoffs-challenge trivia, day two: Test how big a fan you really are!

Yep, Tim Tebow and the Broncos are in the playoffs, and each day this week, to get you ready for Saturday's showdown with the New England Patriots, we're going to put real fans to the test with brain teasers from the Denver Broncos Trivia Game (the 1985 version, which I just found at a local antique mall). Warning: They're super-tough, just like the Broncos will need to be. Look below for our second batch of questions, then flip the page for answers. Question 1: "What quarterback was once loaned to the Broncos, only to be returned two years later to the Houston OIlers?"

Question 2: "Name the two Broncos players who made up the 'M and M Connection.'"

Question 3: "In the 1984 season, against what team did the Broncos score by recovered fumble returns on their opponent's first two plays?"

Question 4: "Who was the first number-one draft choice to actually sign with the Broncos?"

Question 5: "What three Broncos players scored three 4th-quarter touchdowns in the team's historical comeback against the Seattle Seahawks in Denver in 1979?"

Page down for the answers! Answer 1: Jacky Lee.

Lee wore Broncos orange in 1964 and 1965, completing more than 50 percent of his passes each year. Too bad the team stank anyhow. Read more in our 2010 post "Top 10 worst Denver Broncos quarterbacks: Should Kyle Orton be on the list?"

Answer 2: Craig Morton and Haven Moses.

Morton and Moses are both honored in the Broncos' Ring of Fame, and deservedly so.

Answer 3: The Green Bay Packers.

Wouldn't it be nice if something like this could happen when the Broncos meet the Packers in this year's Super Bowl? (Hoping, wishing, praying....)

Answer 4: Floyd Little.

Back in the early days of the American Football League, top draft picks frequently chose to ink with NFL teams rather than sign with an upstart. Fortunately, Little came to Denver, and the rest is history. Read more in our 2010 post "Floyd Little, newly voted to the Hall of Fame, made Colorado a Broncos state."

Answer 5: Haven Moses again, plus Rick Upchurch and Rob Lytle.

Do football cards get any cooler than this one?

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