Bruco Eastwood, accused Deer Creek Middle School shooter: Transforming forces, voices from a Nielsen television box

Jefferson County authorities didn't want to release the arrest affidavit for Bruco Eastwood, the man accused of shooting two students at Deer Creek Middle School last month. So kudos to the Denver Post and Channel 9 for going to court to force release of the documents, which offer an account of a man who seems dangerously unstable.

While Eastwood was being questioned after the attack, the Post notes, he "continually made gestures as if he were trying to remove or pick things off his skin" -- and when the interviewing officer asked him what was going on, he said he was "trying to remove what he called transforming forces from his body." The suspect also shared details about a 2002 arrest in Littleton when he was put on a mental health hold after hearing voices he thought were coming from a Nielsen ratings box attached to his television. Eastwood said this condition continued on the day of the Deer Creek shootings.

Fortunately, the voices at Deer Creek these days represent everyday students doing everyday things -- and may that remain the case from here on out.

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