Bryson Fischer, Killed by Boulder Cops: Drugs "Ruined Every Aspect of My Life!"

Bryson Fischer didn't spend much time on Facebook.

But on May 15, he penned two posts in which he shared his pain and bared his soul, particularly in relation to drug use, which he said had ruined his life.

One week later, he was dead — killed by police officers who responded to a report of a man, now identified as Fischer, shooting into Boulder Creek, and opened fire after they say he pointed his weapon at them.

At around 2:15 p.m. on Sunday, May 22, as we've reported, multiple 911 calls were placed to the Boulder Police Department's communication center in regard to "a man with a gun...under the Broadway Bridge in Central Park shooting into the water."

Here's an interactive graphic of the area. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View on Google Maps."

Boulder officers hurried to the scene, where they made contact with Fischer.

Shortly thereafter, the BPD maintains, he pointed his gun at the officers.

In response, two cops in question, Ryan Austin and Ross Maynard, opened fire, and Fischer was hit.

The BPD notes that "Austin is an eight-year veteran and Maynard is a six-year veteran. Both officers are on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, consistent with city and department policies."

Fischer, for his part, was rushed to Boulder Community Hospital, where he was pronounced dead the next day.

Shortly thereafter, Fischer's page turned into an online memorial, with friends, family and loved ones expressing their shock and grief.

These thoughts can be seen on Fischer's timeline directly above his last two posts.

Here's the first, time-stamped at 8:07 a.m. on the 15th:
Use Facebook so little I can't even edit shit to let the whole world wide web know I'm single yet again, can't trust anyone nowadays! Liars, cheaters, and manipulators... I was so lonely and I thought that hurt, hell loneliness is paradise to the way I feel now! Call me a coward for giving up on love, while everyone's crying continually let down I'll be kickin it with the fling of the week, our week day, like "Sucks bro, get like me" I ain't baseball with this 3 strike non sense, 2 and YOUR OUT! If you ain't that fine your lucky if I let the first slide! If I offended you, Sorry..... Not sorry! Guess I'm just bitter today! Trying to take care of court shit so no drugs, what the hell do I do now?
Note that Fischer's rap sheet reportedly featured numerous previous drug-related arrests, plus a conviction for second-degree assault in 2007 that earned him three years in a halfway house.

Ten minutes later, Fischer returned to his Facebook page and published this:
The struggle is real, I've drown out my emotions with drugs for 18 years now I find myself in one of the toughest situations and have so many feelings and don't know how to deal! I would justify using because my ice cream was too cold! I'm so over drugs, they've ruined every aspect of my life! But this emotion shit is for the birds! I know emotions make us human, but come the f*** on science, ill be the first to sign up to be the first cyborg! Do they feel? Not a sci-fi guy at all, regardless I'm sure they can leave the emotion chip out.... Yes please
We don't yet know why Fischer was shooting into the creek or whether anything could have been done to prevent the tragedy that followed.

In the meantime, a Boulder police release concludes with this: "The shooting occurred on a sunny Sunday afternoon, and the park was active at the time. Investigators believe there are likely still witnesses who they have not talked with and are asking individuals who were in the area when the incident occurred to call 303-441-4455."

Look below to see a Boulder Daily Camera video featuring Boulder police's initial account of what happened.

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