Cannabis Time Capsule: Man sells bunk weed, ounces go for $1

In digging up old articles on cannabis in Colorado, we've come across a few stories that didn't warrant entire posts of their own. But they add up to something interesting, so we've compiled them for this week's edition of Colorado Cannabis Time Capsule.

The first comes from the Camp Hale Ski-zette, which was the base alternative newspaper for the 10th Mountain Division base in Eagle County, where soldiers learned mountaineering and skiing.

The clip was part of the Home Town News section and stems from Baltimore: What an asshole.

The next, from the Douglas County Record-Journal in 1933, details the breakup of a Longmont "dope ring" run by Mexicans. Add it to the list of headlines that demonized not only the drug but a nationality in the process.

Here's another news brief from the Douglas County Record-Journal, this time from 1935. It's a bit blurry, but it talks about arrests in Trinidad. According to the reporter, an ounce of herb at the time sold for a dollar. And finally, we think we may have found the original "Ask a Stoner" in this "Ask Anything" column from the Record-Journal in 1941. Check out question ten: For more historical cannabis newspaper articles, check out our Colorado Cannabis Time Capsule archives. Keep up with all of your Colorado marijuana news over at The Latest Word.
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