Capitalism: It's Nifty

The men and women of the Independence Institute, and specifically the organization's guiding force, Jon Caldara (the subject of Message columns accessible here and here), have done an impressive job of putting their conservative/libertarian theories in front of eyeballs aplenty via their canny use of the media. But they're after Coloradoans' hearts and minds, too. Hence, "Free People, Free Markets: The Foundations of Liberty," a five-week course beginning on Saturday, July 12, that explains "why capitalism is not only the key to American success in the world, but also is the most moral and ethical of all economic systems," Caldara says.

Below, check out the rest of Caldara's pitch in a YouTube video:

The course costs $75, or $500 if attendees want to take it for credit at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. (Click for details.) Caldara, who was probably a carnival barker in a previous life, calls it "the real story about how capitalism saved America, and made America great." And if you doubt that, you're probably a Commie. -- Michael Roberts

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