Carmelo Anthony, La La Vazquez to star in VH1 reality show that starts with leaving Denver

On top of the news that Carmelo Anthony and his glitzy wife La La Vazquez have left Denver (and the Nuggets) for New York (and the Knicks) came the news that the couple will star in their own VH1 reality television show, La La's Full Court Life.

The subject?

"With the sudden news that her husband is being traded to the New York Knicks, La La will deal with new adventures in matrimony and parenthood as she prepares to move back home to New York City," says VH1.

Sudden?! There was absolutely nothing "sudden" about Melo's trade. In fact, it was one of the least sudden things in history. It was sudden like the separation of Pangaea was sudden.

More from VH1:

Slated for premiere in August 2011, the 10 episode, 30-minute docu-series, which began filming in January, will continue where the wedding special, "La La's Full Court Wedding," left off as La La and her husband, NBA Forward Carmelo Anthony, prepare for a sudden move to New York City.

(There's that word again!) In a real cliffhanger of a finale, La La's Full Court Wedding left off with Melo and La La getting married. In this show, VH1 says, "viewers will see La La juggle her busy acting and television hosting career and seek advice from some of her famous friends, including 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland, Trina and Serena Williams."

What? 50 Cent is too cool to come to Denver to give her advice?

Whatevs. We're over it. Go to New York, La La. Hang out with Trina and juggle your busy acting (read: reality show) career. At least you can't hurt us from there. Besides, your Twitter goodbye to the Mile High City was so sincere that we've forgiven you already.

I wanna thank the city of Denver 4having us for almost 8 wonderful seasons. I wish the team, city & fans the best. Thank u for being awesomeless than a minute ago via ÜberSocial

We are awesome, aren't we, Denver?

More from our Sports archives: "La La Vazquez: Top 5 reasons she should stay in Denver (and convince Melo to stay, too)."

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