Caught on tape: when lawyers attack

As I reported last week, things got pretty testy near the end of the three-day disciplinary hearing for attorney Mark Brennan. A physical confrontation between Brennan and his chief accuser, Kim Ikeler of the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, erupted when Ikeler approached the podium as Brennan was delivering his closing argument.

Now Law Week Colorado has posted a brief video clip of the square-off, along with Brennan's version of the incident. He claims Ikeler "assaulted" him in an effort to provoke him; other witnesses claim Brennan shoved Ikeler. As they say on TV, you be the judge.

Brennan faces possible suspension of his law license over his conduct in a 2006 trial, in which he won a $1.2 million age discrimination verdict against the City of Denver on behalf of a former firefighter. Judge Robert Blackburn threw out the verdict, citing Brennan's "boorish antics," which allegedly included objectionable facial expressions and the use of prohibited verbal weapons such as sarcasm. For more on that convoluted case and what the jury really thought, see our in-depth account, "Blackburned."

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