Is Denver being Boulderized?
Is Denver being Boulderized?
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Reader: I Laugh Whenever I See a White Person With a "Native" Bumpersticker

Is Denver feeling a bit more Boulder to you lately? There's a reason: Transplants are coming from our sister to the (slight) north more than from any other place in the country, according to a study by the U.S. Census Bureau that reveals the ten cities that have given Denver the most transplants. But our readers were skeptical of the study's findings. Explains Dan:

So a lot of the "horrible" traffic and rental prices in Denver are actually caused by people moving from other cities in the state. But that won't fit the natives' narrative.

Suggests Saul:

Maybe we should put up a wall?

But Dave wants a recount:

I bet this info is a bit misleading. Notice most of those are Colorado college towns. I am willing to bet a large chunk of the numbers from Fort Collins, Greeley and Boulder are graduating students moving down, and they could be from anywhere. The Greeley number really made me think that Greeley is a small town.

And Jessica has the final word:

I laugh every day at white people with native bumper stickers.

How do you think Denver should manage its growing population?

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