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Chairman of Denver Post ownership group writes letter criticizing McCain

Richard Scudder.
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With only about a month to go until the presidential election, local media observers have begun speculating about who the Denver Post will endorse, and for good reason. In 2004, the paper touted George W. Bush in a backhanded, convoluted piece that ran alongside a salvo by two members of the paper's editorial board saluting Democratic nominee John Kerry -- a confusing approach necessitated by the decision of Dean Singleton, boss of MediaNews Group, which owns the Post, to essentially order his minions to back Bush, a personal friend of his. Singleton came close to admitting his role in an October 2004 Message column, finally confirming it a few years later.

Now, there's new evidence that Singleton and MediaNews might be leaning in a different direction this time around -- a letter in the Los Angeles Daily News, a Post sister paper, penned by Richard Scudder, the organization's chairman and Singleton's longtime partner. The missive doesn't fully embrace Democratic nominee Barack Obama, but it blisters Bush and chastises Republican hopeful John McCain. Click "More" to see what could be a preview of the Post's 2008 endorsement. -- Michael Roberts


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Letters to the Editor

Patriotic ideals

Sen. John McCain has made patriotism an issue in his campaign for the presidency. Patriotism is indeed a legitimate issue and McCain, shot down, captured and imprisoned for years, suffered greatly. Patriotism, however, must extend beyond military service. Of the dangers threatening our country today, one of the most subtle has been the erosion of standards of honorable behavior and failing ethics.

We have had a president who has lied, given support to torture and whose enemy-combatant ploy can, at his whim, jail a citizen for years without evidence, without trial, with no appeal and with no explanation of the charges. This is fascism.

The principal focus of patriotism today must be the defense and reaffirmation of the ideas and ideals that made our country great. Surely truthfulness is one of these ideals. How, then, can we support a candidate for the presidency whose campaign includes many lies - most recently, one falsely accusing Barack Obama of proposing sex education for tiny tots?

Yes, this is politics, but should not political attacks be limited to the issues? McCain's tactics are to divert attention from them and to focus instead on unrelated nonsense.


The letter writer is chairman of the board of the MediaNews Group, the Daily News' parent company.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.