News Petition: "Stop Transplants From Moving To Colorado!"

"The City of Denver" thinks the State of Colorado has reached capacity and has posted a petition calling for Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to prevent more outsiders from relocating here.

No, the real City of Denver isn't making this argument. "The City of Denver" is a user name — but the author certainly voices a point of view frequently shared and/or debated by many of our readers.

Here's the petition's text, which was brought to our attention by 7News:
We are sick and tired of everyone flooding into our beautiful state and destroying it. I'm a 4th generation native and it has never been this bad in Colorado. The traffic is becoming unbearable my normal 20 minute drive to work now takes me almost 2 hours every morning. This is out of control and we must do something about it. Our beautiful state is being destroyed by these inconsiderate transplants. Several of our most beautiful destinations have been ruined. For instance Hanging Lake recently had to close down due to so much garbage on the trail. This is where we draw the line! Gov. John Hickenlooper it is time for you to show us that you really care about Colorado and stop all of these transplants from invading our state.     
The petition hasn't exactly gone viral so far, but it's gaining in popularity. At this writing, it's collected more than 790 signatures toward a goal of 1,000.

By the way, the influx of transplants to Colorado isn't the only issue that bedevils "The City of Denver."

The user has two other active petitions: "Denver Broncos : Restore Original Mile High Stadium Name" and, even more amusingly, "9News: Remove Drew Soicher from covering The Broncos on 9News." The former's currently just over 200 signatures shy of its goal of 2,500, while the latter only needs a little over 100 signatures to hit 1,000.

Check out the other two petitions below.

"Denver Broncos : Restore Original Mile High Stadium Name"
As a Broncos fan of 40 years we would absolutely love if we could have the original Mile High Stadium name back. Even if it's not the old stadium the least we can do is keep the original name for the sake of the real Broncos fans. Everyone I know already calls it Mile High Stadium but it would be nice if we could get the original name back. So many memories growing up, the barrel man, the south stands, John Elway etc.. We hate the fact that any organization that is willing to fork up the dough can plaster their name and logo on our beloved stadium. Please hear us out on this and restore the original Mile High Stadium name. 
"9News: Remove Drew Soicher from covering The Broncos on 9News"
We are tired of Mr. Bobble Head and his ridiculous sports analysis when it comes to the Denver Broncos. Most people I know change the channel when he comes on because they can't stand the biased gibberish that spews from his mouth. He does not understand the game of football and his sports casting is unbearable! Please 9news do the city of Denver a favor and get rid of this moron for good!    

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