Chargers backers' post-game beating of Broncos fan caught on video: Stay classy, San Diego

Broncos fans may have unleashed plenty of Philip Rivers hate tweets after Denver bested San Diego in yesterday's playoffs match-up -- but as far as we know, none of them resorted to violence against Bolts lovers.

A similar claim can't be made by members of Chargers Nation. After the game, assorted San Diego fans beat the hell out of a Broncos booster after he arrived at an event wearing a Peyton Manning jersey. Get the details and see not one but two videos related to the incident below.

Chris Biele, whose Twitter account describes him as "#SuperBowl XLVIII correspondent for @Fox5SanDiego," was on the scene. Here's a Biele tweet from a period when a Chargers victory still seemed like a reasonable possibility:

Shortly thereafter, however, Biele sent out this update:

He followed up with this additional comment:

Granted, we're biased toward the Broncos around here -- but doesn't this sound like Biele is blaming the Peyton-jersey-wearing dude for getting his ass kicked, and providing a he-asked-for-it excuse for the guys who pummeled him?

In any event, it didn't take long for a video of the pounding to pop up on YouTube. Update: The original clip was deleted, but we found a news report from a Colorado Springs TV station that includes much of the action. Here it is:

Biele's report for Fox5 includes another video with better quality images, albeit captured after the rough stuff was done. We've included it after the break because it features auto-play coding.

In addition, Biele notes that the event in question had been intended to celebrate the Chargers' season, and it continued after the fight. He also points out that "a photojournalist with a San Diego TV station was bit or nipped by a police dog during the commotion. He was treated for minor injuries and continued to take video of the rally."

The great ones play hurt.

Continue to see Fox5 video shot at the scene of the assault.

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