Charlie Brown Meets Bill O'Reilly

Here's the biggest shock since the sun came up this morning. Fox News' Bill O'Reilly thinks there are culture-war points to be scored by yapping at his rabid viewership about our own Black National Anthem kerfuffle -- and he hopes to do so with an assist from District 6 councilman Charlie Brown, who hasn't been shy about sharing with the media his displeasure at Rene Marie's actions. "I'm mad," he told Channel 31, Denver's Fox affiliate, on July 2. "I almost walked off the stage." But don't expect Brown to storm out of his appearance on the July 3 edition of The O'Reilly Factor, when he's slated to debate designated liberal pincushion Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, an O'Reilly regular who's expected to defend Marie. Whose side do you think Big Bill will be on? -- Michael Roberts

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